Peace & Blessings

Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life

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Peace& Blessings

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.  There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.  You feel it, don’t you?”   Rumi



There is a candle in your Heart

Rekindle Now this flame

There is a star you follow

A promise to reclaim



There is a stillness held within

This Peace is palpable

There is communion great and small

Of Truth, infallible



There is a voice that’s guiding you

Divine Intelligence

There is a gift that’s given

Supreme Benevolence



There is a void within your soul

It’s ready to be filled

There is a Heart  that cries to Know

Of Destiny fulfilled



You feel it, don’t you, as you Breathe

The candle has been lit

Let Light now emanate from you

Your heart-felt Love-Spirit


It Is So and So It Is

So Be It


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Peace & Blessings

“Lo! We have shown man the way, whether he be grateful or disbelieving.” The Koran


Unconditioned by time or space

Beliefs can neither bind

Breathe, and quiet scattered thoughts

Eternity you’ll find


The Law of Life, the only Truth

Established in me Now

The Alpha and Omega

Released from knowing how


For in each moment, “It is done”

Surrender Now and Shine

Darkness fades as Light reveals

Expressions of Divine


To travel Free, the open road 

Of Love becoming more 

To live each moment Thankfully

Embraced by Truth, to soar


The way’s been shown, the path is Peace

With open hearts of Love

We’re bringing Heaven here on Earth

We’re living “As Above”


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“My mercy embraces all things”   The Koran


My  Mercy embraces all things

And Spirit is filling all space

For Breath provides the connection

And holds each in Eternal Grace


And surely Goodness and Mercy

Will follow me through every day

And Peace that is boundless, forever

Will breathe me and forever stay


For Mercy embraces all things

And Balance forever remains

For Love is creative, evolving

And Harmony within sustains


And surely Goodness and Mercy

Will wash over every shore

And Wisdom of Infinite Mind

Eternally…Ever be more


For  Mercy embraces all things

And Spirit is filling all space

For Breath provides the connection

And holds each in Eternal Grace


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“Thou art of purer eyes that to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity.” Habakkuk 1:13


My eyes are open wide this day

The view they hold all mine

They look beyond appearances

And Truth is what they find


A world ablaze with Goodness

The Infinite alive

In every fragrant blossom

The pattern Here to thrive


Endless possibilities

Right thinking is the key

Now drink the living water

Refreshed, be ever-free


Encoded deep within us

Magnificence you see

Reflections of the One, the All

Eternal destiny


Begin with righteous thinking

Let Breath now be your guide

Embody Spirit Wholly

By sensing what’s inside


And from this place of Power

Watch Goodness now unfold

It’s Love, Peace, Joy and Beauty

That purer eyes behold


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” John I:5


A light is shining bright today

A radiant glow, a beam

The shimmer of the vibrancy

Enlivens every scene


It’s golden and transparent

The dark of night dissolved

The rhythmic dance of particles

Illumined and evolved


The mists of morning disappear

Like tears, they wash and clear

A tapestry is woven

All Goodness does appear


There’s Beauty and there’s Joy now

There’s Peace that calms and breathes

Each atom pulses with the Love

Expanding, this light frees


For Holy Breath, inspired

Ignites this Spirit flame

A Fire burns, embodied

Within, for each to claim


The light shines in the darkness

Which comprehends it not

For it is No thing substantive

Dispelled when lit with thought


Now turning thoughts to Goodness

Now seeing with new eyes

Now knowing with full certainty

In Love’s light, darkness flies


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”       Khalil Gibran


Like a child at play

I imagine, I feel

Keeping it simple

Keeping it Real


Life is for dancing

For laughing out loud

For running up mountains

For gazing at clouds


Life is for shining

For catching your dream

A walk in the park

A glide down the stream


Life is for thinking

The thought that frees

A delightful adventure

With lightness and ease


Life is for giving

For sharing your part

An Apple tree loaded

A compassionate heart


Feet on the ground

Wind in my hair

I will dance

I will shine


I will think

I will give

I will Be mySelf fully

And magnificently Live


It It So and So It Is

So Be It

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Peace & Blessings

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”  Mother Teresa


Love when we wake

And Love when we rise

Love when we’re walking

And touching blue skies


Love when we’re silent

And Love when we speak

Love when we know that

There’s nothing to seek


Love when we’re working

And Love when we rest

Love when we wonder

‘Have we done our best?’


Love when we’re watching

And Love as we play

Love when we’re dancing

And finding our way


Love is the answer

To all questions asked

Love will transport you

To Now from the past


Love is the Beauty

And Love is the Peace

Love is the Joy

That brings sweet release


Love begins softly

In both home and heart

Love creates heaven

With Life as pure art





It Is So and So It Is