Peace & Blessings

Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life

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Peace & Blessings

“To this end was I born, and for this came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.”  John 18:37


In the dawn of Creation

In the ray of the Sun

In the rain that is falling

In the river’s free run


In the babe’s breath to life

In the bee’s endless dance

In the waves of the ocean

In the moonlight’s romance


In the flight of the butterfly

In the kiss of the dew

In the scent of the rose

Life is born, ever new


To this end were we born

For this purpose we came

To bear witness to Truth

To our greatness lay claim


One Mind of Creation

Into each one it breathes

Revealing Magnificence

Love dancing with Peace


Spirit incarnate

Whole and complete

The One in the many

It’s here that we meet


It Is So and So It Is

So BE It


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Peace & Blessings

” Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”   I Corinthians 2:9


I woke this morning to the thoughts

Of a vast and open Mind

I sat in quiet stillness

To reap all I did find


I let the limitations go

Like golden leaves of Fall

They drifted peacefully away

No longer did they call


I linked my mind with Universe

The feel of Freedom clear

And greater Good than I have known

Began to now appear


I welcomed these new vistas

I breathed a silent prayer

As “Thank you” seated in my heart

I knew that I was there


I rose and entered into life

My steps in tune with Love

And found my world was teaming now

With Blessings from above


I welcomed these surprises

I smiled and laughed out loud

Expect the unexpected

Magnificence allowed


Eyes have not seen, nor have ears heard

The Goodness that’s in store

With thoughts attuned to higher Mind

All Life’s an open door



It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“Thou gave also thy good Spirit to instruct them, and withheld not thy manna from their mouth, and gave them water for their thirst.” Nehemiah 9:20


Active and Vital

Alert and Aware

Expressing Divine

All Goodness to share


Open and Receptive

Alive to the Dream

Thankfully Blessing

The flow of the stream


Within and without

All God’s energy

Creating through each

In pure synergy


Spirit is giving

And as we receive

More giving releases

The essence, Believe


Pure manna and water

Rain down from above

A Garden of Eden

In hearts of pure Love


As Breath does deliver

As vision gives form 

It’s Grace that engages

In Life, to transform 


Thou gave thy good Spirit

Left no thing to chance

Awake to this Life Now

Engaged in the dance


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

” You are not just the drop in the ocean,  you are the mighty ocean in the drop.” Rumi


I feel it in the rising tide

A stirring deep within

I watch it wash away the old

I hear it call, “Begin again”


I see it in the river’s course

It moves with certainty

I watch it toss and tumble stones

I hear it call, “Be Free!”


I feel it in the silver moon

A dancing 0rb in space

I watch the rhythmic pulse in time

I hear it , “Take your place”


 I see it in the mountain lake

Reflecting  golden sun

I watch it ripple with the breeze

I hear it call, “Be One”


I feel it in the gentle rain

It washes over me

The mighty ocean in the drop

 Returning me to Me


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“Kind hearts are the gardens,

Kind thoughts are the roots,

Kind words are the blossoms,

Kind deeds are the fruits.”

19th century rhyme used in primary schools


Kind hearts are the gardens 

 I sow seeds with care

 I water with love

 I tend and I share


 Kind thoughts are the roots

 I trust and I know

 I set pure intention

 I watch Kind plants grow


 Kind words are the blossoms

 I speak them to all

 They shower like rain 

 I hear blessings fall


Kind deeds are the fruits

 I watch them abound

 I harvest, I share

 I stand on Love’s ground


For Kindness  is Grace

And Grace moves with Peace

With Trust and with Knowing

With Goodness, with Ease


With Kindness of Heart

The Wisdom of Love

Life in this garden

Yields fruits undreamed of


 It Is So and So It Is

Be Kind

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Peace & Blessings

” I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church.  For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.”        Khalil Gibran


It is Spirit that breathes

It is Spirit that feeds

It is Spirit that guides 

And answers all needs


It is Spirit within 

It is Spirit without

It is Spirit that strengthens

Erasing all doubt


It is Spirit at dawn

It is Spirit all night

It is Spirit that opens

Revealing our might


For Spirit is Breathing us

In, Out and Through 

And Spirit is whispering

Divine words to you


Now walk this path Knowing

Now dance and Now sing

Now let go to Spirit

And let Goodness ring


We don’t need to name it

Or box it to sell

We just need to Breathe it

And Trust  “All is Well”


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

” Everybody can be great.  Because anybody can serve.  You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.  You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


Today I rise to serve

I’m purposeful and clear

For service fueled by Spirit

Is Love arriving here


Today my heart of Grace

Knows Love is at its core

For Grace is born of Spirit

And Love from Grace does pour


Today I plant Kind seeds 

And Love is now set Free

For Spirit’s Kindness sprouts 

From roots of Love you see


Today I will be great

With Joy I’ll serve and give

Allowing Spirit’s Love

To root and grow and live.


It Is So and So It Is 

So Be It