Peace & Blessings

Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life

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Peace & Blessings

” A man indeed ought not to cover his head,  forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God.”   I Corinthians 11:7


To stand upon the mountaintop

To feel the golden rays

To let them fill your being

And energize your days


To lie still in the meadow

To feel the colors move

To let them create pictures

And paint a Joyful groove


To run in open spaces

To feel the rush of air

To let the wind propel you

And release every care


To dive into the ocean

To feel each droplet run

To let them wash you over

And clear the way for fun


For life is yours for living

Magnificent and Free

For dancing in the moonlight

And letting yourSelf Be


The Image and the Glory

The Goodness and the Love

The Joy, the Peace, the Beauty

Gifts given from above


And as above, so below

Reflections each and all

Without a doubt you’re Wonder Full

Don’t cover it, stand tall


It Is So and So It Is


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Peace & Blessings

“But there is spirit in man; and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” Job 32:8


The Mind of the Infinite

Acting through each 

God’s Inspired thoughts

Forever in reach


The Perfect Idea

Awareness does find

The True and the Righteous

When Here we abide


The Spiritual Answer

To questions that rise

The simple solution

Love, not compromise


All Knowing Intelligence

The Omniscient voice

Breathe now and listen

Peace is a choice


The Wisdom of Ages

Indwelling and clear

The instant we query

The answer is here


Inspired Almighty

Each moment, each day

Secure in this knowing

Makes easy our way


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“Despise no man and deem nothing impossible; every man hath his hour and everything its place.”  The Talmud


The Time has come to waken

To Truths beyond what’s known

To latent possibilities

To dreams that have been shown


The mind a pristine canvas

To Truths that One Mind weaves

To Greatness and to Goodness

To All that each receives


The Heart a perfect chamber

To Truths Compassion knows

To Kindness and to Patience

To Love’s limitless flow


The Breath a deep connector

To Truths that Peace does tell

To Calm and to Serenity

To washing from this well


The Smile a demonstration

To Truths that Joy reveals

To Laughter and to Happiness

To showing how one feels


The Rose a fragrant symbol

To Truths that Beauty shares

To Sweetness and to Blessings

To waft pure Heaven there


The Time has come to waken

Despise no one nor thing

For Truth is ever Present

Let One Mind through you sing


It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“Live each moment completely and the future will take care of itself. Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each moment.”    Paramahansa Yogananda
It’s a wonder that the sun rose
And painted skies in gold
It’s a wonder that I’m laughing
With a Joy I cannot hold
It’s a wonder that the oceans wave
And greet us at each shore
It’s a wonder that I’m dreaming
And Becoming always more
It’s a wonder that the birds fly
At times in unison
It’s a wonder that I’m dancing
Swirling to the notes of One
It’s a wonder that the bees buzz
As they gather in the hive
It’s a wonder that I’m wondering
What it means to be Alive
It’s a wonder that the stars shine
Sparkling diamonds high above
It’s a wonder that I’m gathering them
As they fill my heart with Love
It’s a wonder that the rose blooms
Fragrant blessing in the air
It’s a wonder that I’m listening
To the Peace that it brings there
It’s a wonder to stay Present
To the Beauty that is here
It’s a wonder that I’m given
To enJOY and hold it near
Life in the Moment
Its a Wonder
It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“The footsteps of those who dwell with the god of Light are set free.”  Book of the Dead
Beings of Light
That’s what we are
Riding the waves
Traveling far
Lifetimes unfold
Timeless expanse
Light takes our hand
Guiding the dance
Worn like a garment
Light clothes us now
Beams from within
Simply allow
Goodness precedes
Unified Light
Songs lit with Joy
Sing through the night
Sunshine of Life
Limitless Love
Dawns each new day
Light from above
Light of the One
On Earth to Be
No thing to do
Eternally free
It Is So and So It Is
So Be It

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Peace & Blessings

“The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.”  Rumi
Led by Spirit
My steps are sure
I enter the Garden
The air is pure
Here Love does grow
Upon each vine
Fruits of the Spirit
Gifts of Divine
Joy fills my heart
Vibrant and clear
Grown in the Garden
Now ever-near
By the still waters
It’s Peace I find
Water of Spirit
Simple and Kind
Held by Blessings
Petals that fall
Radiant Beauty
Eternal call
Garden of Light
Limitless green
Kingdom of Goodness
Love is Supreme
It Is So and So It Is

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Peace & Blessings

“Thou shall show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand there are pleasures forever more.” Psalms 16:11
A Spiritual being
Unlimited and free
Now lifting my thoughts
Mind does uplift me
A beloved creation
Awakened and true
Now opening to Love
Mind expresses anew
A perfect reflection
Impassioned and clear
Now walking in Peace
Mind draws all things near
A divine expression
Magnificence in form
Now feeling the Joy
Mind reveals evermore
Mind shows me the path 
With joy in full view
And pleasures Eternal
For All, through and through
We are Spiritual beings
Unlimited you see
Now lifting our thoughts
Mind uplifts, we’re Free
It Is So and So It Is