Peace & Blessings

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Peace & Blessings

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.”     Khalil Gibran

Faith unveiled itself to me

I recognized the face

It opened doors that had been closed

It wore the cloak of Grace

It journeyed far beyond the borders

Of my too small mind

It beckoned me to follow

To see what we could find

While doubt occasionally appeared

I quieted that child

“Your twin will choose our path today

Upon Faith, God has smiled”

Faith knew that I could enter

Into this time and space

That I would find the fortitude

That I would Know the place

While doubt continued crying out

I quieted that voice

And Faith was now the only sound

And Goodness was the choice

T’was Faith that brought me Here today

And Faith will Now abide

At Rythmia I’ve found a home

Where Spirit does reside

In Gratitude I write these words 

In Faith I travel on 

Once found, the Miracle unfolds 

I’ve seen what lies beyond 


It Is So and So It Is


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Peace & Blessings

“Thus it is that the Tao produces all things, nourishes them, brings them to their full growth, nurses them, completes them, matures them, maintains them, and overspreads them.”  The Tao Te Ching

A rose bud is opening 

No effort is shown 

From seed the bush rises 

And blossoms are grown 

A river is rushing 

From high mountain streams 

It flows to the ocean 

Like impassioned dreams 

A bee is exploring 

The colors of light  

The nectar it gathers

Brings honey’s delight 

A Butterfly forming 

Gold-threaded cocoon 

The cells hold the music 

Divine plays the tune 

An Idea was planted 

Deep inside our heart 

The Tao, which is Spirit 

Has given our part  

To choose to Surrender 

To first go Within 

To listen and Yield 

To the message therein 

For Love is the Center 

And Truth ever grows 

And Peace is the Birthright 

That BEingness knows  

Be Still, Be Aware 

Be Giving, Be Love 

Be True, Be in Union  

With Spirit above 

It Is So and So It Is 

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Peace & Blessings

“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.” Rumi

Thousands of grains of sand upon 

Thousands of ocean shores 

Thousands of castles built and washed 

Thousands of open doors 

Thousands of feet that walk the earth 

Thousands of hands that hold 

Thousands of eyes that meet and see 

Thousands of gifts unfold 

Thousands of hearts that open wide 

Thousands of smiles that shine 

Thousands of breaths that animate 

Thousands in One align 

This is the time we waited for 

We are the Ones that came 

This the Moment to give our gifts 

Magnificence ours to claim 

Beyond the veils, Reality Is 

Never was it not there 

Waiting for us to reCognize 

Waking, become Aware 

The passage of time is relative 

The darkness, with Light disappears 

Carry your torch into the night 

In Light’s Love dissolve your fears 

Thousands of ways to travel home 

Journeys that take you within 

Thousands of ways to kiss the ground 

Each one requires “Begin” 

It Is So and So It Is