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Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life


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“Now when the thought of doing good has arisen in a man’s mind, though the good be not yet done, the good Spirits are in attendance on him.” The Texts of Taoism

th (21)

 I am a bundle of Joy

 A package of Love

 A bubble of Peace

 I Live from above

 I am draped in Beauty

 Steeped in Compassion

 Wrapped in Harmony

 I Breathe Inspiration

 I am cloaked in Goodness

 A reflection of All

 A mirror of Reality

I answer the call

 As above, so below

Living from the inside out

Holding goodness in your mind

 Spirit attends you, without doubt

 It is So and So It Is 


Author: Dr. Patricia

As a Spiritual Being having a human experience I am gratefully loving life on the Big Island of Hawai'i. I have been a Naturopathic physician for over 35 years and I am the mother of seven, grandmother of eleven, midwife to hundreds and friend to many. I welcome personal consultations utilizing Homeopathy, Nutrition and Mind-Body integration for optimum health. Please email me for personal consultations;

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