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Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life

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” Now we have received,  not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know  the things that are freely given to us of God.”    I Corinthians 2:12


In a world of Creation

In a world without end

With a future so bright

And the faith to transcend

In a world rich in Goodness

In a world that is full

With infinite potential

When passion does pull

In a world that is given

In a world that is Now

With eyes wide open

No need to ask how

For this world is evolving

Taking shape from within

With laser beam focus

It’s time to begin

Mind holds the answers

Already in place

With feeling intention

Receive and know Grace

Given freely to all

Simply Breathe and allow

Plant seeds of Love

That harvest is Now

In the Spirit of God

Is the world that you dream Love, Peace, Joy & Beauty

It’s an energy stream

Dive in

It Is So and So It Is


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” For the word of God is quick and powerful.” Hebrews 4:12

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 Without beginning

 Without end

 The word of God

 Everywhere present

 The Alpha

 The Omega

 The word of God

 All knowing

 Beyond time

 Without form

 The word of God

 Everywhere active

 The beam of Light

 The  everlasting arms

 The word of God

 All power

 Stop Now

 Look Now

 Listen Now

 The word of God

 It Is So and So It Is 


The Daily Blessing

“The net of Heaven is cast wide.  Though the mesh is not fine, yet nothing ever slips through.”  The Tao Te Ching 73


To dive Now into timelessness

 To swim from sea to sea

 To find the pearls of Happiness

 To wear them and to Be

 To fly Now into open space

 To soar on wings that Free

 To find that Life is Joy that lifts

 To glide there and to Be

 To feel Now into All that’s Real

 To open doors and see

 To find that Love is Always here

 To enter and to Be

 The net of Heaven, casting wide

 Let’s nothing slip away

 To Be within and shine it out

 Brings Light into each day

 It Is So and So It Is 

 So Be It 

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“For nothing is concealed except to be revealed, and nothing hidden except to come to light.” Mark 4:22

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 Its mountaintop consciousness

 All Truth revealing

 Eternal possibilities inviting

 Infinite opportunities awaiting

 Its mountaintop consciousness

 Above the mists rising

 Vistas inspiring

 Ever reMinding

 Its mountaintop consciousness

 Goodness revealing

 Light overtaking

 Eternity dawning

 Its mountaintop consciousness

 It Is So and So It Is