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Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life

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" For all things proceed out of this same spirit, which is differently named love, 
justice,..., just as the ocean receives different names on the several shores which it washes." Emerson
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 Awash with Love
 I am bathed in a world of Goodness
 Carried on the waves of Kindness
 I glide through Life with Ease and Grace

 Ignited with Joy 
 I am aglow in a world of Goodness
 Shimmering on the rays of Freedom
 I light my Life with Passion and Enthusiasm

 The names may change
 God, Source, Universal intelligence
 Atman, Allah, Wakan Tanka
 The qualities remain steadfast
 Love, Beauty, Joy, Peace
 Kindness, Trust, Gratitude, Compassion

 I wake to the world of Goodness
 I walk the path of Peace
 I stand in unconditional Love
 I speak the words of Truth
 I laugh with contagious Joy
 I see magnificent Beauty

 It Is So and So It Is 

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“When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music.” Khalil Gibran

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 Within me

 Around me

 Through me

 The ethereal music of the Divine

 Played on the flute of my Being

 Strummed on the strings of time

 Drummed on the waves of change

 The sweet refrains of Eternity

 I join in the chorus 

 I eagerly engage

 I release my song

 A symphony of Magnificence

 It Is So and So It Is 


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” My earthly experiences serve as a process of destruction of my limiting mortal delusions. In God even the most “impossible” dreams are realized. (“I will give him the morning star.”) Revelations 2:28.) Paramahansa Yogananda

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 This universe is a Field of Energy

 Equally available to all

 A Field of Potentiality

 A Field of Infinite Possibilities

 A Field of Ever-Evolving Good

 I am an outlet of this Field of Energy

 Through the power of Mind

 I stand as unlimited Intelligence

 I express as unlimited Power

 I abide as unlimited Love

 I and I alone, control my experience

 I remain unconditioned and free

 I focus my Mind on the Good

 I bear witness to ever-evolving greatness

 I demonstrate Heaven on Earth

 This universe is a Field of Energy

 I use it

 It Is So and So It is 


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” Mind is the only reality, of which men and all other natures are better or worse reflectors.” Emerson

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 Mind is Infinite

 Mind is Perfection

 Mind is Ever-Evolving

 Mind is Creative

 Mind is the only Reality

 My choices are Infinite 

 My experience is Perfect

 My life is Ever-Evolving

 My consciousness is Creative

 Mind is the only Reality

 I am alert to the Truth

 I am Infinite in nature

 I am the Perfect Pattern

 I am Ever-Evolving

 I am Creative

 I am a reflection of Reality

 I am a reflection of the One Mind

 It Is So and So It Is 


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“One touch of nature makes all the world kin,…” John Muir

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 Go out into Nature and Breathe in what’s new

 Open your senses and bring it with you

 It blankets the night, in a starry display

 It awakens your morning and sings through your day

 Clouds run like wild horses across the blue sky

 Flowers burst open, they never ask why

 Bees buzz while gathering the sweetness they find

 Butterflies dance, giving rest to the mind

 Raindrops carry water to each forest tree

 Rivers keep rushing back home to the sea

 Animals, minerals, and plants all on show

 Stories unfolding in ways we don’t know

 Go out into Nature and Breathe it all in

 Its everything, everywhere, and it’s all kin

 It Is So and So It Is 


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” Whenever a mind is simple and receives a divine wisdom, old things pass away… lives now, and absorbs past and future into the present hours.” Emerson


 Never again do I stare behind

 Searching for answers right here

 Rather I breathe and know wisdom is mine

 As I let my heart simply be clear

 Never again do I stop that voice

 Born of my Infinite Mind

 Rather I breathe and open the way

 As I trust in the Truth that I find

 Never again do I sit idly by

 Pretending I do not know how

 Rather I breathe and stand in the Field

 As I demonstrate Oneness right Now

 Always right Now is full and complete

 Always the answer is done

 Always the breath is an opening

 Always engage with the One

It Is So and So It Is 




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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

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 Like a river, rushing to the sea

 Like a brook, laughing in the night

 Like the lake, mirror to the sky

 Like the ocean, deep and unified

 I am moving, surely into One

 I am laughing, bringing in the light

 I am quiet, reflecting higher realms

 I am individual, undivided from the Whole

 It is Joy, moving through me Now

 It is Love, shining through my Light

 It is Peace, emanating through my Soul

 It is Beauty, spreading through my Life

 It is me and it is you

 It Is So and So It Is