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Affirmative & Inspirational thoughts for a Connected & Joyful Life

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” For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.” Psalm 36:9

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 I light my lamp this day

 With the flame of Love

 It enlightens my thinking

 It makes my way clear 

  I light my lamp this day

 With the flame of Joy

 It lightens my experience

 It makes my way bright


 I light my lamp this day

 With the flame of Beauty

 It ignites my vision

 It makes my way shimmer


 I light my lamp this day

 With the flame of Peace

 It envelopes my life

 It becomes my Way


 So Be It 

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” I will bless The Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1

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 At Peace in the quiet chamber

 I allow Infinite Mind to enter

 Open and Receptive

 I allow Infinite Mind to speak 

 I listen


 Centered and poised for Life

 I allow Infinite Mind to express

 Tuned and Responsive 

 I allow Infinite Mind to demonstrate

 I release


 I breathe

 I listen

 I speak words that heal

 I spread blessings that grow

 I walk the way of Peace

 In Beauty and Joy


 It Is So and So It Is 

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” I was a secret treasure, and I created the creatures in order that I might be known.” Hadith


 Today I wake Rejoicing


 For the Treasure that I carry

 For the Goodness that unfolds

 For the Beauty of all Creation

 For the Hand that always holds


 For the Harmony of balance

 For the Peace that fills all space

 For the Joy that dances everywhere

 For the Giving and the Grace


 For the Family of Humanity

 For the Love in every heart

 For the Freedom to be anything

 For the One in every part 


 For the opening, and trusting

 For the twinkle in the eye

 For the Presence that is endless

 For the wings that let me fly


 Today I wake Rejoicing

 To Truth I rise and I allow

 I sing, I dance, I laugh, I love 

 I enter Heaven, here and now


 So be It 

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“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.”

Henry David Thoreau


There’s time enough for everything

 There’s always time on hand

 At times I feel it pushing

 Those times I take a stand

 For time is here to serve me

 A constant, moving stream

 I use it to my liking

 I fish from it my dream


 It Is So and So It Is 

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” Wait on The Lord: be of good courage, and he will strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on The Lord.” Psalm 27:14

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 Universal Life Energy is the One Mind

 Universal Life Energy is my Source

 Directing my attention to my thinking

 I wait on the Lord

 The Law Of Reality Demonstrated


 It is the secret that lies within

 It is the only cause

 It is heart of the matter

 It is mine to direct


 I wait on the Lord

 I pause and I Breathe

 I choose my thoughts carefully

 The Law of Life follows


 I wait on the Lord

 I pause and I Know

 The One Mind action

 The Law Of Right Direction 


 I wait on the Lord

 My heart is strong


 It is So and So It Is 



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“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” Rumi

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 Opening my heart

 I touch the sky

 I feel all of life

 I don’t ask why

 I laugh when I’ m tickled

 From the inside out

 I dance to my heart’s song

 I skip and I shout


 Sharing my heart

 I soar through the sky

 I glide through life

 I don’t have to try

 I pour out my heart

 For it knows no bounds

 I sing songs of Love

 Of eternity found


 Living from my heart

 I touch the sky

 To be Open and Sharing

 Become my Why


 It Is So and So It Is 

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” Here is the deepest secret nobody knows.  Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud.  And the sky of the sky of a tree called life; Which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide.  And this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart.  I carry your heart.  I carry it in my heart.” e.e. cummings


 Within my heart

 I carry yours

 Discovering Love

 We open doors


 Within those doors

 Are treasures deep

 Now knowing Love

 We wake from sleep


 Awake from sleep

 Pure shining gold

 Reflecting Love

 All Truth we hold


 Within my heart

 I carry yours

 Constant Love