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Standing on The Mountaintop


” Every being has the Buddha Nature. This is the self.” Mahaparinirvana Sutra 214


 Standing on the mountaintop

 I know myself to Be

 Breathing in the Breath of God

 I rise to the highest heights


 Gazing out into my world

 I hold a gaze of Goodness

 Giving and receiving equally

 I complete the Divine circulation


 Forgiving all mistaken thoughts

 I bless all that I meet

 Releasing small-mind thinking

 I walk a path of Peace


 Radiating Truth at every turn

 I fix my course on Love

 Releasing and letting go

 I allow a Life of Ease


 Shining Light into the dark

 I glorify the One Mind

 Opening to Magnificence

 I live Life Fearlessly


 Standing on the mountaintop

 I Know mySelf to Be 


 It Is So and So It Is 

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I am Shining

” Whatever then doth live, owes its immortality unto the mind, and most of all doth man, he is both recipient of God, and coessential with Him.” Thrice-Greatest Hermes

 Carrying the Star within
 Holding a light so bright
 I am ablaze with Truth
 I am shining

 Cradling the child of God
 Nurturing a heart so full
 I am overflowing with Love
 I am shining

 Allowing the One to guide
 Walking a path so clear
 I am stepping out with Faith
 I am shining

 Soaring on wings that glide
 Knowing a grace so complete
 I am rising with Freedom
 I am shining

 This in my moment
 This is my life
 Living Magnificence
 And Shining

 It Is So and So It Is 

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In This Beauty-Full Garden

” Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5




 In this Season of the birth of the Christ

 In this moment of Truth

 I open my eyes to gaze through the lifted veil

 I enter a Garden of de-Light


 In this Beauty-full Garden

 In this Sanctuary of Life

 I prepare the soil with care

 I plant the seeds I now gather


 In this Faith-full Garden

 In this Temple of Love 

 I water daily from the deep well within

 I gently remove the weeds that bind


 In this Joy-full Garden

 In this walk in the park

 I harvest the fruits of my labor

 I share the abundant supply


 In this Beauty-full Garden

 In this Land of I Am

 I give thanks for the gifts

 I allow the All Good


 In this Season of the birth of the Christ

 In this moment of Truth

 I open my eyes

 Awakened, I smile


It Is So and So It Is

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It Is the Season of Joy

” My head is bursting with the joy of the unknown. My heart is expanding a thousand fold. ” Rumi


 It is the season of Joy

 And it is bursting forth like butterflies in flight

 Dancing on the winds of change

 Gliding on currents unending


 It is the season of Love

 And it is expanding like the blossoming rose

 Releasing a fragrance of enchantment

 Becoming more and never less


 It is the season of Peace

 And it is rippling like the quiet pond

 Circling the still, calm waters

 Refreshing the reflections of light


🌀 It is the season Beauty

🌀 And it is blanketing like fresh fallen snow

🌀 Painting the portrait of perfection

🌀 Softening the landscape of life


  It is the season to awaken 

 And it is beckoning like the gentle breeze

 Caressing with gentleness

 Inviting the Truth that lies within


 It is the Season

 And So It Is 

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One Mind

" According as one acts, according as one conducts himself, 
so does he become. " Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

 At the very center of my Being
 At the core of my thinking
 Universal Life Energy
 The One Mind Present

 As a vehicle of expression 
 As a receiving center
 As a distribution point
 The One Mind offers

 Flinging the doors wide open
 Removing the shutters
 Allowing the Light
 The One Mind enters

 Divine inspiration flows in
 Inspired action arises
 Truth fills every space
 The One Mind active

 Universal Life Energy
 The Source of my Being
 Creative thinking
 Mindful acting
 The One Mind free

 It Is So and So It Is

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It Is Beauty that Wraps Me

" Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." Kahlil Gibran
 It is beauty that wraps me
 It is beauty that calms
 It is beauty reflected
 In a heart that responds
 The gift of the ages
 The pathway to peace
 On our Beautiful journey
 A heart gives and receives
 In Heaven on Earth
 In the heart of us all
 A Beautiful spirit 
 An opening, a call
 To welcome the Beauty
 To cherish the Peace
 To freely give Love
 To know and release
 The Light is within
 The Beauty shines out
 Be magnificent
 Be fearless
 That's what Life is about
 Is Is So and So It Is

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There is a River Flowing Through Me

" Those who live passionately, teach us how to love. 
Those who love passionately, teach us how to live." Paramahansa Yogananda

 There is a river of Love flowing through me
 Born of eternity
 It has no beginning
 It knows no end

 There is an ocean of Peace within me
 Infinite and shoreless
 Into its depths I dive
 Upon its waves I ride

 There is an aura of Beauty emanating from me
 Divine dance of Light
 Radiant beams touching all
 Pure rays shining bright

 There is a song of Joy singing me
 Celestial chorus
 A natural harmony
 A rhythm of life

 There is passion within me
 It pulls me awake
 Into Life without limits
 Into boundless Freedom 
 Into fearless Magnificence
 Into living the Love

 It Is So and So It Is